Ween in New Haven + NYC (Night One), Valentine’s Day

It hadn’t been that long since I’d seen Ween leading up to this Valentine’s Weekend run. Only a few months ago I was waiting in line to see Ween in Boston and Philly. So when I parked my car in New Haven, CT, and met my friend in line, it felt like things were back to the way they’re supposed to be. There’s almost no … Continue reading Ween in New Haven + NYC (Night One), Valentine’s Day

Ween at Terminal 5, 2/15/2020 (Night Two)

By the end of Ween’s Valentine’s Weekend run, I was already feeling pretty lucky. Sure, in line we were sharing our final hopes, songs that we wanted to hear before we had to call it quits. I may have whined a bit about how badly I wanted to hear Laura. But the show that we got was better than hearing any one request. I couldn’t … Continue reading Ween at Terminal 5, 2/15/2020 (Night Two)

Scrapbook: Road Trip 2019

The developed disposable camera photos from my Gizzard trip. Rochester  Dylan Sizemore from Frankie and the Witch Fingers. Toronto The ice cream cone that wouldn’t stop dripping. Orb. This picture is (obviously) extremely special to me. New York City Hannah Findlay of Stonefield My first ever NYC slice. Philly Most of the photos from the actual concerts didn’t come out quite the way I expected. … Continue reading Scrapbook: Road Trip 2019