Stonefield in Toronto, NYC, and Philadelphia

When an opener is a good find, it’s a real joy. Even if they’re only a find because you’re a little bit late to the party. This is my case with Stonefield.

I had heard of the band before they were announced as the openers for King Gizzard’s tour, but I hadn’t really listened to them. Conveniently, their most recent album, Bent, came out after the announcement and I was able to check them out. This album is also very awesome, and was a really fun thing to be listening to while my friend and I were watching the second season of Stranger Things (not at the same time but during the same part of the summer). Stonefield has the added bonus of being a SISTERS BAND! The four piece is made up of Amy, Hannah, Holly, and Sarah Findlay who have been playing music together since 2006, when the youngest sister would have been just 12 years old.

The first night that we saw them in Toronto, they came out just as the crowd was starting to become so packed that you maybe wouldn’t be able to get back to your spot if you went to the bathroom. The sisters were wearing coordinated pant suits that were AMAZING. As a fan of a good blazer it was a great foot to start on, and it really felt like what you might imagine if someone said to you “2010’s Witch.”

Stonefield stole the show every night that I saw them. By my third show, I was equally as excited about seeing them as I was about seeing King Gizzard, which is really saying something. From the first note of their first songs, you can barely see any of their faces from behind their hair, swaying in front of their faces as they play. The first night, drummer Amy was the star of the show. I had a great angle of her kit and it was great watching the way that she was including her whole body into the rhythm of her playing. She’s also a dual drummer and singer, which was especially impressive considering what a physical player she is.

There isn’t really a stand out element to this group either — all the musicians are fantastic. The first night in Toronto, all the attention was on Amy. In New York City, I was standing further to the right of the stage, so I was closest to Hannah, the guitarist, and was up close for her spectacular soloing. Whenever you think that one of the sisters is the star of the show, another sister plays something that’s just as scene stealing.

Maybe one of the best things about seeing Stonefield more than once was noticing the crowd warm up to them. After the fifth or sixth song, the applause would graduate to a new level of enthusiasm. Whether it’s because there were people like me who were sort of new to the group or the energy was just building and building steadily, people really sounded excited by the end of the set. This was especially true at their concert in Central Park.

The best part of every set was “People,” every night that I saw them. From their most recent album, this song has an intro section that is very cool to watch live — another moment where Amy’s drumming really shines, her whole body almost stuck in an animated loop. It’s a great moment where every woman in the band has something really interesting to do, and when all of the pieces come together it’s even greater than the sum of its parts.

I didn’t but a ton of merch between the three shows that I went to, but Stonefield is the only band I bought a shirt for. I’m excited to know about them and really looking forward to them doing a headlining tour of the United States some time soon. If you’re not into metal but you think you want to get into metal (like me!), or if you’re looking for your new favorite sister band, then this is a cool group to check out.

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