Scrapbook: A Disposable Camera Haul from the Norwegian Gem.

I love disposable cameras. It takes me forever to get them developed so when I do get the pictures back it’s always a real blast from the past. I finally got the two disposable cameras from my time on the Norwegian Gem developed the other day. I’ve written a lot about this trip (especially my time in Antigua!), so I’ll just leave these photos here.

Puerto Rico
St. Martin
St. Lucia

Max got a lot of attitude from the bar for asking for a Corpse Reviver No. 2 at the bar one night. They didn’t believe we were over 21 and ID’d us, even though cruise cards for people who are over 21 are a different color than the ones for underaged passengers. The next night we all wore our suits and gowns to dinner just for fun. That night the same bartenders were super nice to us, made Max the drink, and laughed and joked with us.

This night was also the second of two nights in a row where Max got me to break my 2019 resolution of not drinking whiskey. Whiskey always makes me cry, but I only cried one of the two evenings where it was involved.

Cassandra made the whole trip possible, not just by doing all the research and planning for our Island experiences, but for convincing me to come on a Cruise in the first place.

This was either the last day of the trip or second to last- I can’t quite remember which. I did not move from one deck chair all day. I embroidered, watched a movie, and read most of a book. We moved from bathing suit weather to all wearing our sweaters and coats. It was one of the best parts of the trip. We all just were pretty happy.

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