The First Two Weeks of June

June has always been my favorite month– probably because of my birthday. But also because usually, Maine in June is a really magical time. It’s usually just beginning to feel warm, since Maine spring is often cold and rainy. Farmers markets are getting started, and people are breaking out their sun hats and getting ready to go upta camp.

In the first two weeks of the month, I’ve managed to pack in a lot of little adventures– some good, some bad, most in places I already know pretty well. Also, most of them felt like mini-adventures. Even my recent weekend in Boston felt like a series of mini-adventures strung together, instead of a full, contained adventure on its own. With that in mind, these are the highlights from June, a month where I found it difficult to blog not because I was lacking adventure, but because my life was so full of it.

Starting a new life! Based on my mom’s visceral reaction to me referring to it as a “new chapter,” (“We all need to find a different word”), I’ll just call it a new life all together. In June, I moved into my first post-grad residence– a beautiful old farmhouse in the Midcoast of Maine. I’ve also started my new job, something I’m terrified of and so excited to meet head on. Adapting to life with a job instead of with a class schedule has felt like being home alone without a babysitter for the first time. Whether or not that means I’m going to throw a party is yet to be decided.

the view from the peak- Mt. Battie, Camden, ME.

Returning to one of my favorite Maine Hikes. In Camden Maine is Mt. Battie, a 1-mile trail that’s steep enough to let you know whether or not you’re in shape (but not punish you too badly if you’re not). I took this hike with friend Andrew, who lives in the same part of Maine as me. At the top of Mt. Battie is a weird old tower that you can walk up the stairs of to take a look at Penobscot Harbor. This peak also has the awesome option of driving up to the top instead of hiking (at a cost). After our hike Andrew and I grabbed beers and a stunning junk food dinner of melty-cream-cheese-crab-rangoon inspired dip. We gained back all of the calories we may have burned from our expedition.

A Boston weekend for my friend’s 21st Birthday. My older sister always makes a point of taking me out to a few new bars when I visit her in Boston, so when my friend’s birthday rolled around I wanted to show her some of the best spots that I’ve been exposed to. Along with some of her friends from the area, and despite the fact that my friend isn’t really a birthday person, we met at a weird beach bar in one of the surrounding Boston towns — Daddy’s Beach Club in Hull, MA. Daddy’s is a fantastic beach dive– it’s full of shady-but-not-truly-shady characters, blasting loud outlaw country music. This spot, more than any of the bars that we visited in Boston proper, sort of stole the night. Especially in terms of matching the mood of the people gathered together for a birthday. But shout outs to The Hong Kong at Faneuli Hall, a karaoke bar that I would consider my favorite in Beantown. The next day we treated to ourself at an ice creamery that also happened to be named Daddy’s– apparently the naming conventions in the Boston suburbs are less than imaginative. But who is surprised about that?


My Own Birthday! I unfortunately spent my birthday sick at home from work (likely as the result of my weekend partying in Boston), but my mom and dad met me in coastal town Belfast for a birthday dinner. I took anti-biotics with my dinner of muscles and fresh Italian pasta. I’d say until that night, I’d never really had out-of-this-world Italian food. Delvino’s Grill and Pasta House in Belfast, ME changed that. Everything we ate here was scrumptious, especially my entree of muscles with fettuccini and marinara sauce. It was a small birthday celebration but a delicious one.

Books! In an attempt to sooth some of my post-grad wanderlust, I’ve been trying to explore through the experiences of others. I’ve also finally woken up to audiobooks– a medium I’ve tried to get into time and time again but has never quite latched on. But with hour-long-drives becoming something of a weekly staple, I’ve decided to try again, and with exciting success. So far, my summer reading list highlight has been an audio book: The Stranger in the Woods, by Michael Finkel and narrated by Mark Bramhall. This novel about “the last true hermit,” explores Maine in a way I’ve never really experienced. It left me feeling lots of State Pride, and with no clear answers about whether Christopher Knight, a man who lived for 27 years in the woods in Central Maine, had done something wrong or noble. The other books I took in this month were the notorious Eat Pray Love (Loved Eat) by Elizabeth Gilbert, and the Australian classic My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin.

Here’s to the rest of June!

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